Reservation – 到訪 The Private Suite 之前需要預約嗎?

到訪 The Private Suite 前,必須以 WhatsApp 預約。 Advance booking via WhatsApp is required for The Private Suite.

Max. Booking Time - The Private Suite 最多可以預約幾多⼩時?

在共享原則下,The Private Suite 的 Fully Private 及 Shared Semi-Private 分別可預約最多 6 ⼩時及 8 ⼩時。如果你需要更長時間(最多 12 ⼩時),我們會有 1.5x 附加收費。 We can reserve a Fully Private & Shared Semi-Private for a maximum of 6 & 8 hours respectively. For bookings up to 12 hours, 1.5x surcharge applies.

Payment Method - 預約 The Private Suite 應該如何付款?

確認預約後,DeskSmart Premium 會員可以 DeskCredit 繳付按⾦;非會員可以 PayMe / 轉數快 / 銀⾏轉帳預繳全數。 After your booking is confirmed, DeskSmart Premium may prepay deposit with DeskCredits; non member may settle full amount via PayMe / FPS / Bank Transfer.

Rescheduling - 繳付⾦額後,可以更改或取消預約嗎?

你可於到訪前 7 ⽇更改預約⽇期或時間。 Rescheduling is available until 7 days before check-in.

Extra Visitors - 如果實際到訪⼈數比預約多,我需要通知 Desk-one 嗎?

請遵守到訪守則,如到訪⼈數有更改,請 WhatsApp 與我們聯絡。 Please WhatsApp us at anytime for extra visitors or guests.

Time Extension - 如果想臨時延長到訪時間,我需要通知 Desk-one 嗎?

請遵守到訪守則,如欲延長到訪時間,請於預約結束前 最少30分鐘,以 WhatsApp 與我們聯絡。 For time extension, please WhatsApp Desk-one at least 30 minutes before end of booking.

In-room Services - 房間內提供甚麼服務?

每個房間內都有清潔設備,以供⾃⾏清理枱⾯;另有免費咖啡及零食,以及其他酒店服務,歡迎參閱房內的「到訪指南」。 Desk cleaning supplies are provided for self-cleaning. Free refreshments and additional hotel services are available. Please refer to the in-room User Guide to ensure your pleasant stay!


Tlf: 400 59 523

Mail: krystalkroner.suresh@gmail.com

Adr: Bogstadveien 30 0355 Oslo


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